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 ▄▀▀▄ ▀▄  ▄▀▀█▄▄▄▄  ▄▀▀▄    ▄▀▀▄  ▄▀▀▀▀▄ 
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NEED: UI/UX Study Advice
* * *
Matt NorrisUI/UX Designer at adumo
* * *

Hi everyone!

I’m currently working as a UI/UX designer for a growing South African fintech.

I really want to study further (the main reason is just to get the physical evidence of what I know & obviously to further cement my knowledge and understanding)

I’ve been asked at work to start studying as they’re want to invent in my future.

I am struggling because: A: I’ve attempted applying for a Bachelors but was declined (twice) — because I took lower grade maths in high school B: I can’t find a good qualification that I really think would be best for my development in UI/UX C: I’d prefer an online learning experience because I want to keep working (at work) at the pace I am know

Basically, I’m just spiraling and anxious about all this.

I’d really appreciate it if you have some advice / suggestions / what you did?

Thanks so much :)

Pranav Pramod
* * *
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Austin BeerUX Lead / Director at Freelance
2 mnths ago

Yo. depends what you mean. You already got the job, so it's more about specialized knowledge depending on where you want to go from here. Visuals? Design Systems? Tech reqs? More complicated features/domains? I'm assuming if you skipped school, there's a good chance you didn't deep dive in design-thinking approaches, so maybe focus on this "process". It's important to see designing thinking more broadly/theoretically than the specific deliverables required.

· · ·
Samy SniderLead UX Designer at CosaVostra
2 mnths ago

Hi, you should check Matt D. Smith's Shift Nudge program. More recently, you can check Fons Mans' initiative

· · ·
Pranav PramodDesigner/Developer at Prabros.
2 mnths ago

I would recommend you read: Magic Ink. I don't know if this gives you some "qualification" that you are looking for but I don't think you will regret reading it. It's a slightly long read compared to your average design article but it's worth going through. It will help you get a birds-eye view of what software design is like from a broader perspective.

You can also go through this twitter thread and the replies for some classic book recommendations:

Here is a list of some of the other courses/resources that I haven't really looked at but which I have heard good things about: Refactoring UI, Shift Nudge, Learn UI.

If you are looking for certifications of some sort. Some of the above courses provide them, also you can find a lot of courses offering them on the web including in MOOCs like Udemy, Coursera, etc.

Manikandan SaseendranHeading Product Design Team at Blockchain Games
1 mnth ago

And reading design case study of products and process

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